Jobs in UAE: Hiring to pick up pace in 2017

Adham Saleh

After a long slump, recruitment is expected to make a rebound in the UAE in early 2017. This is according to premium classifieds website EZHeights whose insights show a 30% increase in the demand for employees across different industries.

Although 2016 witnessed a slew of layoffs and cautiousness from employees about expanding their workforce, Adham Saleh, the CEO of EZHeights confirmed that the website has witnessed a 30% hike in both job postings by employers and job seekers as well.

“The vacancies section on the website has been seeing a steady increase in the number of posts from employers since late 2016 and is expected to continue into 2017,” says Adham. Hiring by companies invested in engineering, construction, and real estate, IT, and chemicals witnessed a negative growth in 2016.

However, providing a more positive outlook, Adham said, “A number of projects currently in the pipeline, including those slated for Expo 2020, will soon open up several job opportunities for young job seekers in the UAE.”

5 Mistakes to Avoid Making on Your CV

With Dubai’s highly competitive job market, it can be quite difficult to land your dream job. Adham outlined the five most common mistakes job seekers make on their CV and how to avoid them:

1. Typos and Grammatical Errors: Proofread your CV and run a mandatory spell check before sending it out to prospective employers

2. Mass Mailing You Resume: Address your CV and cover letter to department heads and potential hiring managers, instead of sending a mass e-mail

3. Being Too Wordy: Keep your CV short and simple, avoid keeping it longer than two pages long

4. Being Vague: You need to put real, quantitative tasks and accomplishments on your resume

5. Not Being Yourself: Try not to hide your personality under business jargon and clichés

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