Karama counterfeit sellers mistaken for thieves

Fearing CID raid, five shopkeepers were clearing their shop of fake goods when neighbours alerted cops

Luck did not play with a group of shopkeepers in Karama, Dubai, who sold fake products. As they got a tip-off that police were raiding the area, they immediately set about vacating the premises in the wee hours. However, neighbours mistook them to be burglars and informed cops.

About five men including three business partners who had invested in the shop were removing fake wristwatches valued at Dh80,000 and loading them into a mini truck when they were arrested.

According to Naushad, the cousin of one of the arrested men, all of them have been arrested for stealing. “The cops have also confiscated the goods. We are trying to get them out since they were trying to remove goods from their own store,” he said.

The men had made an emergency plan to clear their shop which was filled with fake products following a tip-off. The previous day they received information that there could be a possible CID raid in coordination with the Dubai Economic Department.

The shop sold fake watches of brands such as Prado, Rolex, Omega and Tag Heuer, etc.

The three partners had called two of their friends and together were emptying the shop at about 2am.

“Most shops in the area had closed by then. So someone who saw these people thought that they were robbing the shop and immediately called the police. The police took them into custody. Little did they know that the men were trying their best to escape the raid,” said a Feroze Usman a nearby shop keeper.

Several shops in and around Karama are notoriously famous for selling fake goods, mainly handbags, garments and watches. DED has on many occasions warned shopkeepers and carried out several raids to clear the area of counterfeit products.


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