Kavya Madhavan to attend show in UAE

Dubai dance teacher rekindles classical dance memoirs with childhood friend Kavya Madhavan.

Kavya Madhavan, leading film actress and classical dancer from the Malayalam film industry, will be in Dubai on Friday to witness the debut dance performance of nine young girls from different Indian schools in the UAE, who will be performing their classical dance Arangetram.

The occasion will also be a reunion of the star of Malayalam film industry with a childhood friend who lives in Dubai with a passion for classical dance in the presence of their common classical dance guru. Kavya Madhavan, heroine of over 70 Malayalam films is a well-known classical dancer also. She is coming to meet and greet her childhood friend and dance school mate,

Anjali Sudarshan, who shared many dance stages together during their teenage friendship that started from a dance school in Kannur Kerala. While Kavya, a child artist from 4 years onwards, grew up to become a star heroine who has acted in lead roles against superstars like Dileep, Mammootty, Jayaram et al, she has not lost contact with her Dubai friend, Anjali, who did not give up her passion for classical dance.  To bless the occasion, their common classical dance guru, Kalamandalam Lalitha Ramachandran, will also be present to witness the first public performance of nine Indian school students, who have been undergoing rigorous classical dance training for about four years now.

“Kavya Madhavan is my childhood friend and we have performed togetgher in many classical dance stages. I have invited her for an arangettam of nine young girls who have mastered dance under my guidance.  She is my close my friend and when I invited Kavya and our Guru they both agreed to come to Dubai,” says Anjali  Sudarshan, who has trained about 18 young dancers. This will be a student teacher reunion too, she said, to encourage young dancers from different schools, who all live in the Al Khail Gate community.

The dance teacher, Anjali Sudarshan , an HR Manager of Al Naboodah Group is originally born and brought up in Abu Dhabi  started learning Indian classical dance at the young age of four years and got acquainted with the young Kavya, when she returned home in 1997 to persue her higher studies and her classical dance training. Anjali who got “Nritha Prathibha” title from the Kannur University Kalolsavam 2006 continued to perform in public stages in both India and the UAE and she mentors girls above five years of age in classical dance and choreographs for some public programmes.

Kavya who started as a child artist at the age of five years  is an excellent classical dancer in Bharatnatyam, Koochippudi, Mohiniyattam and folk dance. She has acted in lead roles in more than 70 Malayalam films and received about 40 film awards. Kavya performed in almost every major dance festivals in India.

“We have studied classical dance  under the same guru in Kalaranjani dance school in Kannur.  Kavya Madhavan was a student and we have studied under the same teacher. Our teacher selected me to dance with Kavya for a major show in which I have performed the role of Arjun, while Kavya played the role of Lord Krishnan. After that she shared many stages together. Though she was a child actress and grew up in thte film industry, we continued our friendship.”

 “Many of the young dancers are interested in classical dances and Kavya’s presence is a good thing to encourage young dance students. Kavya Madhavan is a role model for the young girls.”  These  aspiring young Kavya Madhavans will be performing cinematic and  fusion dances to enthrall the audience of students and parents  and invited guests.  

Nrithanjali, (dance submission) will be the debut public stage performance of nine Indian school girl students on Friday (6 pm to 9 pm) at the Al Khail Gems World Academy. Kavya Madhavan will inaugurate the dance show of young students. Kavya Madhavan will be the celebrity guest of Nrithanjali, a gateway to Indian classical music on March 25, 2016.

The nine young students who all started training in classical dance at very young ages include, Malavika Rajagopal, (sixth grade student of Gems Our Own Indian School) Samritha Karayil Vijayan, (3rd Grade Student of ISS International School Dubai) , Shreya Subhash, (Grade 3 student of Our Own English School, Dubai), Asta Santhosh, (3rd standard student of Gems Our Own Indian School), Pravada Saaj Praveen, (3rd Grade Student of Indian High School Dubai), and Anushka Rajesh,( Grade 2 student of Indian International School, Dubai), Divya Ragesh (3rd grade student of Indian High School Dubai)  Ziyan Yazir, (Grade 2 student at Rajgiri  International School, Dubai) and Leah Sunny, 3rd Grade Student of Our Own Indian School, Dubai. Their parents are also thrilled about Nrithanjali 2016.