Last-minute air deals to India, Pakistan

Summer holidays in the UAE may be on their last leg, but local airlines are still offering deals to make you want to go ahead with your holiday plans that may not have materialised in the past couple of months.

Budget airline Air Arabia is offering deals on selected destinations with fares starting from Dh480 return.

The fare to Shiraz (Dh480) is the most affordable on the list. To fly to Karachi, you will now have to pay a slashed fare of Dh718, to Tehran Dh650, to Quetta you will have to pay Dh991, and to Peshawar Dh1,220.

You can take off to the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, for Dh1,284 and to Dhaka for Dh1,309. Chittagong in Bangladesh is also under offer with fares at Dh1,100.

Fares to other destinations like Isfahan, Abadan, Mashhad and Lar among a few others have also been reduced. These are all inclusive prices. Tickets should be booked by Tuesday August 18, 2015 for travel until September 30, 2015.

Emirates too has some reduced fares mainly to destinations in the Indian subcontinent. You can fly to many popular Indian cities at a lower price now.

Several South Indian cities are on the list of reduced airfares. For example, the ticket to Bengaluru is now available for Dh1,295, to Chennai for Dh1,365, to Hyderabad for Dh1,195, to Kochi for Dh1,195 and to Thiruvananthapuram for Dh1,275.

Pakistani nationals can also take advantage of low airfares to meet their loved ones. A return ticket to Islamabad is now available for Dh1,515, to Karachi for Dh1,055, to Lahore for Dh1,515, to Multan for Dh1,395 and to Peshawar for Dh1,515.

London Heathrow at Dh2,785 is also included in the offer for British expats in the UAE. These prices are for economy class return tickets, which should be booked by the 30th of this month for travel from August 11 until December 9, 2015.

Etihad’s sale deals also include a few more destinations beyond the Indian subcontinent. On the list is Jakarta for Dh2,325, to Melbourne for Dh5,915, to Berlin for Dh2,745, to Dhaka for Dh1,575, to Munich for Dh2,945 and to Seoul for Dh3,705 in its economy class.

Just like Emirates’ offer, if you want to avail of these deals, you need to book by August 30 for travel period between the August 10 until December 9, 2015.

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