Lifeguards report jellyfish swarm on Dubai beaches

Several complaints of stings and high waves have prompted officials to close most beaches

With unpredictable weather conditions lurking over the UAE over the past couple of days, lifeguards at the beaches have a new problem on hand.

Several beachgoers suffered jellyfish bites. As temperatures on the shores are warmer jellyfish swim over causing trouble to people who choose to enjoy a stroll, say officials.

In the last two days several tourists have reported being bitten by jellyfish at various beaches in Dubai.

“The temperature on the shore was particularly warn during the last two days which resulted in jelly fish coming onto the shore. Several people were bitten. All we did was to neutralise it with vinegar,” a lifeguard, who asked not to be named, added.

Meanwhile, officials have warned people from venturing into the sea because of the high tides and dusty weather conditions.

Most of the Jumeirah Open Beach has been closed and red flag displayed warning swimmers against entering the water.

However, a section of the beach has been kept open under constant supervision of lifeguards for the benefit of tourists.

“The red flags were hoisted since this morning. It will continue to remain in place for another two days,” said one of the lifeguards at the open beach. Only a stretch of about 200 metres of the open beach has been left open for tourists.

“The area that we have kept open is being strictly monitored. Tourists are being warned not to enter into the water especially those that are not manned by lifeguards,” said the guard.

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