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Lighthouse productions to work alongside Emirati talent for the biggest theatrical production

In celebration of its 45th National Day, the UAE is set to witness the biggest theatrical production ever produced by an Emirati team.

The grand musical production, titled Fakhrak Ya Watan (national pride), is set to take place on 1st of December 2016 in Ras Al Khaimah, opposite Julfar Tower.

The musical is led by Director Mohammad Al Amri and Ali Al Khawar alongside Terry Miranda and his team at Lighthouse Productions,  who have previously worked on numerous shows in the UAE including Watan Al Ahlam, Watan Al Saada, Hilm Al majd and the School Olympics Opening Ceremony.

The core team behind this production comprises highly experienced Emirati professionals consisting of Poet and Lyricist Ali Al Khawar, choreographer Obaid Ali, Theatrical director Mohammad Amri, and musical director Khalid Nasser.

“The Lighthouse team is a very dedicated and passionate group of people with a strong drive to make this production come to life, its an honor to work alongside the amazing Emirati talent and help in telling the story of this great country” says Terry Miranda, Managing Director of Lighthouse Productions.

“For any national story, it is extremely important for us in the private sector to invest time in the local youth by training them and making sure they are equipped with the required skillset. Afterall, who else can tell the story of a country better than its own people?”

The purpose-built venue will seat 10,000 spectators and the musical theatrical production will be accompanied by spectacular lightshows, projected directly onto the 100mtr wide stage alongside a large fireworks display.

Fakhrak Ya Watan will also be the first Emirati theatrical show to be recorded with a 360 degree camera which will be available to view in VR.

The one-hour show is open to the public and will commence at 7:30pm. Gates will open at 4pm and entrance is free for all.

To join the conversation, follow the hashtag #FakhrakYaWatan.