Lit cigarette likely cause of Dubai Marina blaze... fire alarms fail

Did a cigarette butt cause Marina fire? If true, it could be the second such incident in less than two months. A similar incident had destroyed two floors of the Al Tayer Tower in Al Nahda in Sharjah on April 28.

According to a senior security official the fire at the Al Sulafa Tower in Dubai Marina early Friday morning could have been caused by a burning cigarette butt.

The broke out in the balcony of the residential apartment on the 36th floor forcing an emergency evacuation of all the 700 apartments in the 81 storied tower.

What’s more, according to sources, fire alarms on many of the top floors were not operational at the time of the incident.

Office boy and driver charged for stealing company’s car

Two Pakistanis with the help of the victim’s staff stole a Toyota Land Cruiser of Dh200,000 value, the Dubai Criminal Court was told today.

SIM, 32, office boy, handed over the key of the car to each of ODS, 23, driver, and SMS, 26, partner, to copy it and told them where he parked the car to help them steal it.

AMA testified that SIM who works for his company as a driver and drives the vehicle to execute important works related to the company travelled four days before the theft was committed.

First Corporal Saeed Saleh testified that following an information made about the theft of a Land Cruiser police arrested SIM who had the car’s key. SIM confessed to giving the car’s key to each of ODS and SMS to steal it and give it to two Arabs. Police arrested the other two accused who confessed to their crime.

The Court adjourned the case for verdict until June 26.


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