Mamzar beach Dubai's deadliest

A rescue boat of Dubai Police.

Dubai Police recorded 23 drowning cases in 2012 in which two people died compared to 64 such incidents leading to one death in the previous year.

Butti bin Darwish, Director of Rescue, said five drowning cases each were recorded in March, April and June last year. One to three such incidents were recorded in other months of the year. 26 people were injured. 13 and nine people suffered minor and moderate injuries respectively.

The two deaths happened at Mamzar. 

In one case, the deceased person did not know swimming. In the other, the swimmer entered the waters after sunset.

Among the reasons he cited for drowning were: lack of mastery of swimming, muscular contraction as a result of stress or lack of exercise, failure to follow instructions of lifeguards, medications, overconfidence and entering areas not suitable for swimming, particularly after dark.

He urged the public to call 999 if anyone is seen drowning and inform the police about the exact location so as to make rescue easier.

If there is no lifeguard on the beach, skilled swimmers should rush to rescue the drowning man. The drowning man should be pulled from the back, not the front, so as to allow him to breathe, he added.