Man jailed for sending immoral pictures

An Emirati policeman was awarded three months suspended jail term by the Dubai Criminal Court for harassing a woman over mobile by calling and threatening her to defame her.

RAR, 34, is accused by the prosecution for exploiting etisalat services and annoying MRA, 36, residency officer, by calling her and sending her porn pictures.

The victim testified that on September 23, she received a call at night while she was at home. The caller told her that he has seen her in a shopping centre and that he got her mobile number from someone else and that he would like to meet her.

“I asked him not to call me again… I hanged up the call and switched off my mobile… However, he called me again later but did not reply his call. He sent me an SMS telling me that I should allow him to carry on conversation and only then I can hang up the call… I did not reply his SMS but he continued sending SMS expressing his admiration and love…but still I did not reply him.”

She testified that on Friday 24, “he called me again but I did not reply him; I told my brother about him. My brother called him and asked him why he is annoying me… He abused my bother by telling him to shut up and to zip his mouth. And then hanged up the call. Later he sent me five SMS threatening that he will give my number to other men telling them that I am a prostitute. He also threatened me that he will take a picture of my car and that he will publish it under a title ‘prostitute’,” the victim testified.

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