Man threatens to kill debtor's family over loan payment

An Iranian manager allegedly threatened the family of his debtor with killing the family if he did not repay the loan, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

MKM, 42, threatened HM and his family sent him an email forcing the latter to pay back the loan HM had taken from him.

AAA, 35, HM’s wife and an Iranian employee testified that on December 24, 2011, she received a letter on her email from the accused threatening her husband, HM that he will teach them a lesson which they will not forget all their lives.

The message reads: “Listen... if you do not do anything within the next few days, I will commit something that you will not forget all your life… I will first start with your family… be sure that I will destroy your family and you will not see their bodies… you poor man.”

AAA testified that MKM also sent pictures of her husband and a map of her daughter’s school conveying that he knows the girl’s whereabouts.

She admitted that her husband had taken a loan from MKM and that he has threatened them to repay the loan.

MKM denied sending the email and that he did not use it since August , 2011. However, FMA, 28, Emirati manager refuted the denial confirming that  MKM used to send him emails from the same address.

The last letter he received from him was on December 1, 2011.
YMS, 40, an Emirati businessman agreed to FMA and  testified that MKM  used to communicate with him using the same email address and the last letter he received from him was on December 2, 2011.

Criminal Evidences reported the threat message and pictures had been sent from the email used by the accused.

The court will reconvene on August 1.

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