Mandatory standards for tobacco products

The Emirates Standardisation and Metrology Authority, ESMA, has set mandatory standards for dokha tobacco products.

The step aims to combat the random trade in dokha tobacco (a tobacco usually mixed with herbs and spices and used in medwakh) products in the UAE, and reflects the government’s care for the health of consumers and regulating the quality of products in the market.

Speaking to Emirates News Agency, WAM, Abdul Qader Al Maeni, Director-General of Esma, said that prior to the issuance of any new standards, the authority circulates a draft to relevant bodies in the country so that they can provide their proposals and notes regarding the standards.

ESMA has announced that in cooperation with local and federal regulatory bodies, it has begun enforcing these new standards on dokha tobacco stores to ensure that no harmful ingredients or chemicals were added to these tobacco products.

The standards complement previous ones issued for tobacco, flavoured tobacco for shishas, cigarettes and others.

A regulatory department has been formed to look into the compliance of dokha tobacco products with the standards.