Manuscript 5229: New space for Emiratis to create Star Wars

'Manuscript 5229' comes in line with the celebration of the UAE of 2016 as a Year of Reading. (Wam)

Sharjah has launched the first specialised Emirati publishing house in science fiction and fantasy-oriented youth stories under the name ‘5229 manuscript’.
Launched by Noura Al Noman, writer and Emirati novelist, specialist in children and adolescent literature, the move aims at publishing and translating novels, stories and books that rely on science fiction, historical and folk myths with genres of suspense, mystery, and paranormal nature to meet the needs of the Arab library for this type of works, and at the same time attract young people to read and induce in them the desire to research and pursue discovery.
Al Noman said, "Our launch of the 'manuscript 5229' comes in line with the celebration of the UAE of 2016 as a Year of Reading, and in light of the excellent reputation enjoyed by Sharjah in the publishing sector."

Novelist Noura Al Noman. (Wam)
She expressed her satisfaction at the launch of this publishing house, which will present to young readers literary works that can enrich their minds, develop imagination and inspire them to love discovery, and desire to explore unknown things, especially in the field of science fiction, and mysterious and exciting histories.
Al Noman said, "Our choice of this specialisation in literature is part of our desire to fill the gap suffered by the Arab library of these novels and stories, as well as to stimulate the scientific aspect in youth to inspire innovation and invention, especially that many of top scientists in the world had grown to love the science fiction."
About the implications of naming the publishing house, she said that the historical background of the name ‘manuscript 5229’ dates back to the 10th century when the Abbasid Caliph, al-Muqtadir Bellah, sent his envoy Ahmed ibn Fadlan al-Baghdadi to the king of the Bulgarians.
After the long travel, al-Baghdadi met a number of folks and interacted with different cultures.

He recorded his observations in a manuscript of 420 pages, which is now present in one of the Turkish museums under the title MS5229 in honour of this historic manuscript (5229).

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