Marked decline in traffic accidents for ET vehicles

Statistics on traffic accidents registered for the Emirates Transport, ET, fleet in the school transport sector, and transport and rentals, revealed a significant decline in number during the second quarter of the current year as compared to the first quarter.

Eng. Abdulla Al Kindi, Chief Operating Officer at ET, stated that the results of the second quarter of 2018, point to the decline in the number of medium accidents registered in the ET’s fleet by 80 percent, and a decline of 50 percent in the extreme accidents category as compared to the first quarter. The school transport fleet also did not register any extreme accidents during the last two quarters.

Eng. Al Kindi pointed out that despite the growth of the ET’s fleet of vehicles as well as its services, customers and its wide geographic spread in the different areas of the country, it had registered a decline in the number of traffic accidents.

This affirms the constant improvement in the transport as a result of the studies conducted into the causes of accidents and how to reduce them as well as compliance with traffic safety laws and regulations.