'Medical emergency' on Emirates' Dubai flight

Emirates apologised for the inconvenience. (Ahmad Ardity)

An Emirates flight bound for Dubai from London Heathrow was diverted to Munich on Tuesday when a medical emergency developed on board.

However, the stopover proved a double whammy for passengers when the flight’s brief diversion was extended further when the aircraft developed a technical snag and was grounded in the German city overnight.

The airline confirmed the news in a statement to Emirates 24|7, adding that passengers on board flight EK0008 passengers were re-booked on other flights out of Munich as a result.

“Emirates flight EK0008 from London Heathrow to Dubai on January 13 was diverted to Munich, Germany, due to a passenger medical emergency. The passenger was assisted off the aircraft to receive medical attention,” the airline said in the statement.

Speaking further on the technical snag, the airline added: “Following its arrival in Munich, the aircraft encountered a technical issue while on the ground and was held overnight.

“As a result, all passengers were rebooked on other flights departing Munich on January 13.”

One of the passengers, Paul Machin, who stated he was aboard the flight diverted to Munich stated in a tweet: “Offered Lufthansa flight landing at 7.25am in Dubai or Etihad flight landing at Abu Dhabi. Received £30 food and beverage token.”

Emirates apologised for the inconvenience and said that “the safety of our passengers and crew is always of paramount importance.”

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