Microsoft’s tablet to bite in to Apple's iPad

Microsoft could well be the latest entrant into the tablet sector.

The company has planned a major announcement on Monday and experts feel it could be to announce its plans for bringing out its own tablet.

A report by The Wrap said the company not only feels it needs its own tablet but is also working on designing both the hardware and software to spike Apple.

The report also says that Microsoft's new tablet will run on Windows RT, a version of Windows 8 that uses an ARM microprocessor.

The website also notes that the announcement will be made during the secretive event scheduled for Monday at 3:30 pm in Los Angeles and that Microsoft is working on developing its own hardware and software in an effort to take on Apple.

Another online tech blog AllThingsD has reconfirmed the report and says Microsoft is aiming to build its own devices.

Online site The Wrap reported this evening that Microsoft will manufacture its own devices, something that AllThingsD sources have also heard in recent weeks.

“The move could allow Microsoft to better match Apple’s tight integration, but it is also fraught with the potential for conflict. Microsoft makes most of its money from Windows and Office, and depends on an ecosystem of PC makers like Dell, HP, Acer and Lenovo to make those Windows-based machines,” said the report in the blog.

According to Bloomberg  more people are going in for tablet computers with global shipments of tablets in 2012 set to surpass 107 million units, much higher than the 106 million units earlier predicted , which is higher than earlier projections of 106 million units.

The numbers is set to rise further with expected shipments of 143 million units in in 2013 and a massive 222 million by 2016.

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