Ministry official inspects markets, tells sellers to cut prices of goods

Dr. Hashim Al Nuaimi inspects markets in Ajman and Sharjah (Supplied)

Senior officials from the UAE’s Ministry of Economy inspected markets in Sharjah and Ajman where they asked shopkeepers to reduce prices of certain items after they found that some of the products were being sold at a higher rate.

They instructed shopkeepers to place stickers and labels also with prices and specification of displayed items for clarity.

During an inspection of Al Jubail Market in Sharjah, Dr. Hashim Al Nuaimi, Director of the Ministry’s Consumer Protection Department, noted lack of stickers or labels with prices and specifications of some displayed items, emphasizing the need to clarify rates with consumers before they make purchases, pursuant to Article 5 of the Consumer Protection Act No. 24 of 2006.

Al Nuaimi stated that in cooperation with the specialized departments of ‘Ousoul,’ the company managing the Al Jubail Market, an initiative will be launched to clarify the prices of the mandatory items which will be placed on the entrance of the market. Electronic screens in prominent places will also be installed to indicate item prices.

Moreover, a smart application for mobile phones and tablets will be introduced to provide added information aside from the traditional price stickers to disseminate the prices.

Al Nuaimi said that the prices at Al Jubail Market did not reflect and abuse amidst increased demand; even the basic prices of fruits and vegetables are still stable and there is no need to recall an excessively priced item. He also noted that meat, poultry and fish are available at stable prices without any decrease in quantity across all species compared to last year.

Ajman’s vegetable and fruit markets

During a visit to vegetable and fruit markets of Ajman, Dr. Al Nuaimi told sellers to reduce the prices of some of goods which were being sold at slightly higher rates. He also emphasised the need to clearly show the prices on the labels used.

The Director talked with a number of shoppers during his visit, asking them about any comments or complaints regarding the price and availability of goods.

He encouraged them to feel free to contact the Ministry’s regulatory authorities through the 600522225 Center, or with Ajman’s Department of Economic Development in Ajman via 80 055 to report any complaint or share business suggestions for the emirate.

Al Nuaimi assured that the Ministry will continue its inspections in cooperation with the Department of Economic Development to make sure that sellers are committed to the directives given to reduce prices.

He noted that separate groups will be assigned to conduct morning and afternoon inspections in an orderly manner in order to foster good business practices and protect consumers frequenting the UAE’s various markets.