Ministry provides Haj vaccine at all health centres

All Haj and Umra pilgrims are urged to take vaccinations at the earliest. 

Dr. Mahmoud Fikri, Assistant Undersecretary for Health Policies at the Ministry of Health, said the required vaccination for Haj pilgrims are available at all the ministry’s health centers, preventive medicine departments of all medical districts.

The Ministry of Health announced the required conditions by Saudi health authorities and entry visa conditions for Haj and Umra this year.

Dr. Mahmoud Fikri stated that all the health conditions required by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are to ensure the safety of pilgrims from infectious diseases and viruses. The conditions stated that all pilgrims must have a valid vaccination certification against meningitis before his/her arrival to the kingdom with at least 10 days and not more than three years. The ministry provides vaccinations for adults and children ‘2 years or more’ with a new dose of the quartet vaccine. 

He also mentioned that the ministry also advises all pilgrims to take the seasonal influenza vaccine especially those patients who suffer from chronic diseases. 

Dr. Fikri indicated that the health authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia prevents all pilgrims especially those travelling by land to bring their own food unless they are sealed in containers that can be opened easily.




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