Modi in Dubai: 'Trust between UAE, India will last for generations'


9.25pm: The speech is over. The Indian prime minister has left the stadium after one-and-a-half hour address to the gathering.

7.59pm: Excerpts from Modi's speech (scoll down to read)

"Blue-collar workers in the Gulf is the biggest sacrifice India has made. Dubai is not just mini Kerala but mini India. There are 700 flights to Gulf but an Indian PM took 34 years to get here. UAE leaders showered me with love. It's a matter of pride. This courtesy is not for one man but for every Indian.

"My heartfelt gratitude towards the rulers of UAE. In my two-day trip, the kind of trust that has built is amazing. Abu Dhabi will invest 450 lakh crore rupees in India. I can say trust between India, Abu Dhabi and Dubai will last generations. Joint statement is clear on terrorism. India and UAE are united against terror.

"UAE will support India bid's as Permanent Member of United Nations Security Council. When people shake hands with Modi, they don't see him, they see 1.25 billion Indians. India is a country full of opportunities. 65 per cent of population is below 35 years. India is a young country.

"One month ago, we reached peace in Nagaland after nearly 70 years. I am mentioning Nagaland because the youngsters and the world should know, whatever the problem is, solution is only found through talks at the table.

"On August 1, we solved the Bangladesh issue. Those who wanted to go there they went. We got independence on August 15, 1947, but these people just took their first breath of freedom.

"I tell neighbouring countries that issues we have will only be solved through talks. When Nepal earthquake came within hours we rallied. Nepal is unhappy and we're happy isn't acceptable to us. Getting to Nepal doesn't take more than 70 minutes from Delhi. It took 17 years for Indian PM to go there. I even went to Jaffna in Sri Lanka.

"I got the luck to go and wipe their tears. Maldives lost all of its drinking water. They sent us a message. We didn't wait a second. We immediately flew supplies. Next day we sent water by boat until they fixed their plant; we didn't leave Maldives thirsty.

"Afghanistan is suffering and we have been applying salve on their issues. We have attempted to take India forward with our neighbours, make friendship and move forward.

"We have stated in 2016, we'll launch a SAARC satellite which will help science, youngsters, farmers and fishermen. Today connectivity is vital. It's important to have this link but can it happen between SAARC countries?

"We want to build better ties with Nepal but some people have issues. They can stay there and we've decided. Nepal, Bhutan, India and Bangladesh are launching a connectivity infrastructure agreement. It will launch towards Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and link India with them.

"Northeast of India needs improvement. If that happens, Indian economy will race ahead. We have launched initiative to start fertiliser plants there, gas lines and electricity. We have a dream that in five years we will have 24 hours electricity in all corners of India. I will make it happen.

"Insurance schemes have been launched in India at Re1 per month to provide 2 lakh coverage. Those paying 90 paisas per day, a second scheme and they will get 2 lakh coverage. When I sold tea I didn't even get one rupee.

"I appeal to Indians to give insurance plan to your sister on 'rakhee'. Take both plans and you get 4 lakhs coverage. All Indians are seeing you here.

"We've launched an online helpline called Madad and e-migrate portal for any overseas issues, so you can go online and get help. Those facing technical issues have been given one month - September 17 - notice to fix it.

"Workers are large in numbers here so we've decided that every few times we will set counsellor camps - once or twice a month to find solutions. If I don't do that for US, it's okay, I must do it here.

"If people overseas have a medical issue, Indian community welfare fund has been created. Those who are in jail or facing other issues, we will help them within the course of law.

"We have also asked for better counselling services through this fund. And those who need legal help, we'll assist them such a fund. I know school admissions here are difficult so I've asked for more schools."

TImeline of Modi at stadium

7.58pm: Narendra Modi begins his address, will give speech in Hindi but wished Keralites Happy New Year in Malayalam language.

7.53pm: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at the venue, says 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai'

7.52pm: BR Shetty says: 'Dear brothers and sisters coming in such big numbers. It's a dream come true. Our beloved PM is here.'

7.50pm: BR Shetty addresses the gathering.

7.37pm: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reportedly en rourte to the venue.

7.35pm: Dr B R Shetty, head of the New Medical Centre Group and one of the chief organisers of Modi’s Dubai visit, is on stage now.

7.27pm: Short acts by different communities of India including Gujarat, which is Indian premier Narendra Modi's home state.

7.25pm: Folk dancers now on  stage to perform cultural acts. Classical and Bollywood performances also with patriotic themes.

7.21pm: The parade by different Indian communities through the crowds starts again after brief break.

7.13pm: Scroll down to see the latest images and videos from the stadium.

6.50pm: Gates are still open and people streaming in.

6.40pm: People are still pouring in.

6.37pm: Stadium can accommodate 32,000 people inside and 20,000 outside.

6.32pm: The stadium gates were scheduled to close at 6.30pm.

6.30pm: Dubai Cricket Stadium is nearly full.

6.25pm: 'Emirates 24|7’ poll: Another 5% of pollsters state they still were unsure whether they would attend the venue or not.

6.20pm: 'Emirates 24|7’ poll: Only 10% of poll respondents have confirmed they will be attending the ‘Marhaba Namo’ event.

6.15pm: 'Emirates 24|7’ poll: Another 12% of respondents will avoid the event, but will track Modi’s speech online.

6.10pm: 'Emirates 24|7’ poll:  30% of respondents say they prefer to spend the time at home.

6.05pm: 'Emirates 24|7’ poll: 44% respondents say they will be at work, finding it ‘too difficult’ to reach the venue in time due to the restrictions in place.

5.50pm: Still long queues (scroll down to see the latest video).

5.40pm: Several local business houses have reported giving their staff a dayoff or flexible working hours to attend the ‘Marhaba Namo’ public event today.

5.35pm: Indian PM earlier addressed leading UAE businessmen, offering $1 trillion investment opportunities in railways and building homes.

5.30pm: Narendra Modi has met UAE leaders, Indian workers and visited UAE landmarks so far.

5.20pm: The stadium gates will close at 6.30pm. PM’s speech scheduled for 8pm.

5.15pm: RTA has routed public buses that are expected to shuttle 12,000-15,000 people to and from the stadium.

5.10pm: Mercury is expected to reach 45 degrees Celsius in Dubai today.

5.05pm: RTA has extended Dubai Metro timings till 11.52pm for Jebel Ali-bound trains.

4.55pm: Thousands of people queuing up outside to enter the stadium.

4.50pm: Entry into the stadium is on first come first served basis.

4.40pm: Once 30-32,000 people have crossed the gates, entry will be barred into the stadium.

4.30: Bags, food, water, camera and laptops are not allowed inside. Only mobile phones permitted.

4.25: RTA shuttle buses are transporting people now. Buses will ply till 5pm.

4.20pm: At least 4,000 people have so far turned up at the stadium.

4.10pm: Gates are open now and people are streaming into the cricket stadium.

A large number of UAE residents have turned up to attend the Narendra Modi event in Dubai Cricket Stadium.

There has been major traffic jam around the cricket stadium as residents flock to attend the programme organised for Modi's visit.

Prior to opening of the gates of the stadium at 3pm, people had started queing up outside to enter into the stadium.

A batch of 9-10 buses full of passengers were seen leaving at around 3pm for the cricket stadium.

Modi is currently on two-day visit to the UAE and will be addressing a big gathering of Indian diaspora at the Dubai Cricket Stadium at 8pm.

More than 30,000 non-resident Indians are expected to attend the programme today.



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