MoL, Dubai courts ease case transfer formalities

Transferring labour disputes from the Ministry of Labour to a court in Dubai has become easier than ever.

The Dubai Courts and the Ministry of Labour have reached an agreement to discard the multiple formalities and replace them with a single form to transfer labour disputes.
Ahmad Al Obaidli, Director of Case Services Department at Dubai Courts, said that according to the new procedures only one application would be needed to transfer a dispute from the Labour Ministry to the Court instead of three forms earlier.
The applicant has to submit the unified form only once at the Ministry of Labour if the dispute was not solved at the ministry and has to be referred to the court, instead of the earlier formality of three separate applications.
“The unified form which was endorsed by the ministry covers three applications that were typed and submitted separately. The unified form includes dispute, transfer and complaint applications. This would both save time and efforts,” he said.
The new form can be used in all judicial levels of a labour case, he added.
Dubai Courts has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Labour for entrusting the ministry’s “Tas’heel” offices to provide court-related services and paper work including the unified form.
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