Monster initiative for expat Emiratis

Sanjay Modi, MD, India, Middle East & South East Asia, (SUPPLIED)

MonsterGulf, an online career and recruitment solutions provider in the Gulf, on Sunday announced the launch of its initiative ‘Return2Home’ targeting Non-Resident Emiratis residing abroad looking at returning to their origins.

Created to reach out to the Emirati population living abroad who wish to explore opportunities within their homeland, the new initiative supports the UAE government’s ongoing commitment to provide skilled employment opportunities for locals as part of a diversified and sustainable knowledge-based economy. is also launching similar Return2Home initiatives in India, Malaysia, Philippines, and Saudi Arabia in response to economic conditions that impact today’s dynamic and multicultural global workforce.

According to MonsterGulf internal research, there has been a 41 per cent increase in the traffic of people authorised to work in Gulf between January and December 2010. Leveraging its global footprint, will target and connect with Emirati jobseekers from US, UK, Canada, India and South East Asia and connect them with the opportunities that exist for them in their own country.

Figures from the latest UNESCO – Global Education Digest (2010) – show a continuing trend with close to 10 per cent, over 7,000, of the UAE’s brightest and most gifted students enrolling overseas for tertiary education. ‘Return2Home’ ensures any talented UAE nationals who sought to further their education and gain international experience overseas, can stay fully aware of emerging employment opportunities in the UAE.
The initiative will also target the corporate/employers who are looking at hiring locals from across the globe. ‘Return2Home’initiative is poised to help employers attract the ‘right talent’ who have the relevant global experience, domain knowledge and are also culturally aligned.

Commenting on Monster’s latest initiative, Sanjay Modi, Managing Director (India, Middle East & South East Asia),, said: “As an aftermath to one of worst global economic recessions, economic restructuring and downsizing was witnessed across the globe. Against such a dynamic environment, the strength of emerging economies was repeatedly tested, which not only demonstrated economic resilience but also an upturn in its growth trajectory. However, with government promoting Emiratisation, UAE presents a huge opportunity for corporates, which are looking at hiring locals in and outside of UAE.

“Traditionally the UAE has suffered from a brain-drain effect, with talented individuals seeking employment and ultimately residing in their place of education due to a lack of meaningful opportunities in some specialist fields. However the economy is rapidly diversifying in the UAE, with a wealth of new positions existing in the public and private that quite simply did not exist in previous years when many Emiratis left to study at world-class learning centres.

“Against this background, Monster has launched one of its ambitious initiatives. Return2Home enables those graduates to easily stay in touch with opportunities at home. Combining our superior technology, global network, customer equity and first mover advantage, with the launch of Return2Home we aim to strengthen our dominant position in the Gulf recruitment market,” he further added.