More space on Dubai Metro for women, kids

Peak-hour women-and-children compartment in Dubai Metro to become permanent from Feb 25

Starting February 25, the permanent compartment space for women and children will be increased to one full compartment, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said in a statement to Emirates 24|7.

The half-size compartment that currently forms a women-and-children compartment during peak hours will become a permanent compartment dedicated to the group of commuters, from morning till evening.

Adding to the existing permanent women-and children space, this part of the Metro will now consist of one full compartment permanently dedicated to women and children only, explained Muhammad Mudharreb, Director of Rail Operations at the RTA.

With the addition, 27 seats will be available to women and children, or space for 1244 commuters that ideally fit into one compartment.

“There was a huge demand in this segment of commuters for dedicated Metro space. We have seen a great acceptance of the existing space and based on surveys carried out we concluded that there is a demand for more dedicated space,” said Mudharreb.

In September 2013, half a compartment was added as a dedicated women-and-children space during peak hours only. Between 7-9am and 5-8pm from Sunday to Thursday men were told to move to the neighbouring section.

Female travellers are delighted with the dedicated space, which offers them the peace of mind to travel in relative comfort. “These sections can still be very crowded, but at least they are crowded with other females, and I do not feel entirely uncomfortable standing amidst other commuters,” commented Sara Obaid, a Syrian resident in Dubai.

“Dedicated Metro space for women and children is a very good idea, and makes me appreciate Dubai Metro even more. This concept should be applied everywhere,” said Mariam Fernandes, a regular commuter from the Philippines.

Dedicated signage has been put up in Dubai Metro to inform commuters of the new division, and Metro staff will be available to explain the rules. When a male ends up in the wrong compartment, he will generally be asked to move, rather than be fined, said the RTA earlier.

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