More than one million people visit Dubai daily

Emirate’s population gains around 44,000 in nearly five months

More than one million people come to Dubai from other emirates and outside the country every day, which means the emirate’s population during the day is far higher than at night, according to official data.

At the end of 2011, Dubai’s population including nationals and expatriates was estimated at around 2.003 million, Dubai Statistics centre figures showed.

But the emirate’s active population, including day visitors, stood at nearly 3.023 million as a result of the influx of visitors and those who work in Dubai but live in other emirates, the Centre said in a report.

“The estimated number of active individuals during the day in Dubai is 3,023,426, including residents, individuals working in the governmental (federal, local) and private sectors in Dubai and residing outside the Emirate,” it said.

“They also include tourists and sailors in addition to dynamic movement of people coming into and leaving the emirate during the day.”

It said the sharp rise in the people’s movement during the day is due to two main factors, including the availability of various investment opportunities in Dubai which necessitate the daily movement of people from other emirates to manage their own businesses or work for others, and the cheaper housing rents in neighboring emirates which tempt public and private sector employees in Dubai to reside in these neighboring emirates.

Dubai, the second largest economy in the UAE, is the region’s business and tourism hub given its liberal economic policies, strategic location, advanced logistics, easy export facilities and two massive ports.

Despite the departure of many expatriates to their home countries every year, Dubai’s population has steadily grown over the past years to become the most-populated city in the UAE at the end of 2011.

By Friday, the emirate’s population stood at 2.047 million, an increase of nearly 44,000 in about five and a half months, the report showed.

Gender-wide, the report showed males outnumbered females by more than three times mainly because many expatriate men live in Dubai without their families.

At the end of 2011, males stood at 1,536,380 and females at 466,790, with rates of 76.70 and 23.30 per cent respectively of the total population.

“The higher proportion of males in Dubai community (329 males per 100 females) is attributed to the fact that the majority of expatriate workers are males who are not accompanying their family members.”

The report showed those aged between 30 and 34 years constituted the largest age group in the emirate, standing at 324,326 at the end of 2011.

They were followed by the 25-29 age group, estimated at 319,029, and those aged 35-39 years, standing at 249.104.


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