Mum charged with possessing stolen goods

Under trial on another charge of stabbing policemen

The Emirati mother, who with her son allegedly attempted to kill policemen while searching their house, stood before the Dubai Criminal Court on Tuesday morning on accusation of possessing jewellery stolen by her other son.

ZAI, 57, Emirati housewife, is accused of possessing jewellery stolen by her 30-year-old jobless son AAS who is accused by the prosecution of committing theft at night using a weapon (screw driver).

The victim HAM, 52, Emirati, Director General, testified before the prosecution that he was out of the country from July 30 to August 10, 2010. “When coming back, we noticed that the villa was robbed. Initially, we found out that a cash amount of Dh2,000 was missing from my son’s room. I excluded the maid and the guard form suspicions.

“I did not find the key of the safe… so I asked a technician to open it. He used a drill because the key was broken in its lock. Opening the safe we found out that a cash amount of Dh11,000, perfumes of Dh3,000 value and the jewellery were all emptied. The total value of the stolen items is about Dh170,000.”

Police arrested AAS from his house in Al Safa area because of his involvement in a number of theft crimes that have the same modus operandi, testified Rashid Ibrahim, policeman.

“Initially he denied the accusation but later confessed to committing a number of thefts including the one subject of this case. Searching his parents’ house at Al Warqa area, policemen were welcomed but did not find anything. Keeping the house under observation, police saw ZAI entering the villa carrying a black box.

Police decided to searrch the villa again and so policewomen knocked at the door. The maid opened the door and asked them to come in. They have waited for about an hour and ZAI failed to appear. They had seen her entering her room and locking the door. After about an hour her three sons IAS and SAS and RAS arrived and strongly objected to the inspection and suspected the authenticity of the prosecution’s second permission.

"At the end, we started searching the house. IAS was pushing policemen when the mother entered her room and locked the door. When we moved to the upper floor, ZAI moved out of her room screaming and cursing. We went down and saw her rushing to the kitchen from where she brought a knife with which she threatened with stabbing us if we do not leave the house,” he testified.

“She actually fulfilled her threats and stabbed some of the staff… her son SAS joined her in her attacks with a knife he pulled from his pocket. Injured staff were rushed to the hospital and we continued searching the apartment. Police found the black box in a room which the mother claimed that her son AAS uses.”

AAS confessed to the theft and said that he committed the theft alone.

ZAI’s case with her other 29-year-old son SAS, soldier, related to killing attempt is still pending in the Dubai Criminal Court and the next hearing is scheduled on April 5.

He son AAS is serving a four months jail term for attempted theft charge, the verdict which was issued on January 23, was upheld this morning by the Court of Appeal.

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