Nepal ban on young maids in Gulf... only for new workers

Nepal’s ban on its women younger than 30 years from working as housemaids in the Gulf will not affect any existing domestic helps, a senior embassy official in Abu Dhabi said.

The ban, which was imposed last week by the Nepalese government will soon come into force and will be only effective on new recruits.

A senior official in-charge of the labour section at the embassy told 'Emirates24|7' that the decision has only been verbally communicated to them. “We have not received anything from Kathmandu in writing so far. But whatever I could gather from the telephonic conversation we had, the ban will only be imposed on new recruits from Nepal. Those women already working in the Gulf as housemaids and are below 30 years old should have no problems,” the official said.

UAE and the rest of the Gulf has been witnessing a steady increase in the number of housemaids from Nepal during recent months, especially among Indian and South Asian families. Nepal had in 2010 lifted a 12-year ban on its women working as housemaids in the Gulf.

“About 2,000 to 2,500 women are entering the country every month to work as housemaids,” the labour official said.

According to her, the new decision has been taken keeping in mind the welfare of the women and will not have a major impact on any new recruitment.

Nepalese media had earlier said that the law was introduced to prevent sexual and psychological abuse among young Nepalese women.

"Young female workers are reported to have been sexually and psychologically exploited in Gulf countries," a senior government minister has been quoted as saying in a local media.


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