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New amusement park, community markets, housing units approved


The Executive Committee at the Executive Council, headed by Saeed Eid Al Ghafli, Chairman of the Executive Office, approved during its meeting an array of development projects in collaboration with the private sector worth a total of Dh470 million, in addition to making a number of decisions and adopting vital projects in the Emirate.

In more detail, the Committee approved the project to develop two community markets (second package) in the cities of Mohamed bin Zayed and Shakhbut, through a Musataha agreement signed with the private sector for the expected values of Dh195 million and Dh182 million respectively.

The plan seeks to develop a complete network of community markets operated by the private sector in the city of Abu Dhabi, including 38 locations that cover the main land and the islands. The markets would be divided into three facilities: social facilities, suitable retail shops and government services.

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City conducted surveys and economic feasibility studies to identify the needs and demands of residents in these areas.

Amusement Park

In the same context, the Committee approved the project to develop the Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak Park through a Musataha agreement signed with the private sector for a value of Dh93 million.

The project aims at redeveloping and improving the currently fenced park to turn it into an open entertainment park. The process will include launching social events and activities, and commercial facilities at the park, which extends over 6,900 m2, in order to create an integral social centre inside the park, and provide green and entertainment spaces that meet the needs and demands of residents and visitors.

Developers will undertake construction work and operations in exchange for the right to use the land, owned by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, through Musataha agreements that grant the right to use the land for 32 years before returning the project ownership to the Municipality.

The Executive Committee highlighted the important role played by the private sector in supporting development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and considered it a key partner in reinforcing complementarity and collaboration with the public sector through its investment and participation in the development of public facilities, and the creation of new services and entertainment amenities aimed at providing modern services according to international standards.

This partnership will also help develop target residential neighbourhoods and regions, and will provide an excellent opportunity for the private sector to earn significant and sustainable ROIs that support the provision of quality facilities and services to residents in the areas. The park will also become a meeting place for residents, and will improve welfare and quality of living in the areas.

104 Housing Units

In another context, the Committee approved the referral of a roads and infrastructure project aimed at creating 104 housing units in Al Maqta, including the building and lighting of roads to serve the residential areas, and the provision of water, electricity, communications and wastewater services. The project is worth over Dh112 million.

Health Education Material for Girls

The Executive Committee further approved the circulation of the health education material adopted by the Ministry of Education’s curriculum to all girl schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This decision aims at developing essential knowledge related to health issues among girls, at creating a social environment to support this knowledge by applying information and various sciences to guarantee excellent education results based on national talents.

New Media Teams

Furthermore, the Committee approved the formation of a communication and media team to operate during emergencies, crises and disasters. The team will be headed by a member of the emergencies, crises and disasters management team at Abu Dhabi Media, and its members will include representatives from the General Secretariat of the Executive Council, the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, the Abu Dhabi Coordination and Response Centre, Abu Dhabi Media  Company and the incident local leadership entities.

The work team’s tasks will include the collection and analysis of initial information regarding the accident, emergency or crisis from various field, official and security sources. It will also be tasked with preparing warning messages to be sent out to the public, issuing awareness messages, educating the people in coordination and consistency with all media entities, publishing relevant news, highlighting the role of the entities’ response and reassuring the people, and combatting rumours.

The Executive Committee also applauded the World Bank 2016 Doing Business report results for Abu Dhabi, which showed progress in a number of key indicators. This confirms the efficiency of plans adopted to develop and improve the competitiveness of the Emirate’s business environment. The Committee then gave instructions to continue drafting plans to further develop and improve the competitiveness of the Emirate’s business environment based on the World Bank report recommendations.

The Committee praised Abu Dhabi’s ranking as one of the best five countries globally in the Enforcing Contracts indicator, and confirmed that the guidance of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, Chairman of the Judicial Department was of significant importance in supporting the establishment of a legal system that guarantees best global practices; helps create an attractive business environment for investment; develops the performance of the judicial apparatus; simplifies procedures to achieve the Judicial Department’s vision of an excellent, efficient and independent judicial system; and provides world class judicial services.

The Committee commended the progress made in the Starting a Business and Dealing with Construction Permits indicators as a result of cooperation with all concerned entities.

This helps achieve Abu Dhabi’s objectives of providing a competitive and flexible environment for business; providing opportunities for success and investment in the private sector; achieving sustainable growth for vital non-oil sectors; and providing all services necessary for the success of construction projects through the implementation of adopted laws, regulations and construction codes, and by benefiting from global practices that include the best global standards for procedures and transactions.

The Executive Committee stressed the importance of feedback and client satisfaction surveys for government entities. It added that procedures should be regularly reviewed; challenges, risks and improvement opportunities examined; plans and efficient development solutions set to guarantee excellent services; and the rate of customer satisfaction increased.

The Competitiveness Office of Abu Dhabi at the Department of Economic Development issued the 2016 Doing business report in collaboration with the World Bank and in full coordination with all government entities and institutions, and private sector establishments concerned with the report’s six indicators: Starting a Business, Dealing with Construction Permits, Registering Property, Enforcing Contracts, Getting Electricity, and Trading Across Borders.

The Committee further discussed several topics and notes submitted by government entities operating in Abu Dhabi in relation to plans, projects and the development of services as included on the Committee’s agenda. The appropriate decisions were made.