New Sharjah-Dubai road to open Sep 1

Partial roadworks on Sharjah’s Al Badeea project that connects the emirate to Dubai are near completion, with the Ministry of Infrastructure Development announcing a stretch should open to traffic by September 1.

This news spells relief for commuters who are bracing themselves for the back-to-school morning rush hour traffic that will hit most of the country by next week.

Engineer Ahmed Al Hamadi, Director of Roads Department at the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, told Al-Bayan newspaper the new road would be inaugurated by September 1 thereby easing traffic movement towards Maliha Road.

The project was rolled out in phases to develop the intersection of Emirates Road and Maliha in Sharjah, which usually faces gridlock during rush hour.

Al Hamadi further stated the Dh200 million project is expected to finish in its entirety by late 2017.

The project consists of three developments, including the construction of a new bridge for ease of traffic movement from Dubai to Sharjah, directed toward the University City.

He added the bridge will comprise three lanes with traffic commuting in one direction only.

He added the second part of the project will be a new exit from Sharjah to Dubai, comprising three lanes.

The third part of the project will be an extension of the existing bridge at the intersection of Emirates road and Maliha road.

He asserted there would be three to seven lanes divided into five main lanes and separate exits, plus another two lanes for those wishing to return.

Al Hamadi added the decision to develop Al Badeea intersection came after a study by the Ministry on the growth of traffic over the next 20 years in this area.

He emphasised according to the study, it shows that the intersection is not commensurate with the size of the steady growth.

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