New UAE U-turn law: Dh300 fine, 4 black points

Dangerous overtaking and overtaking from the right side will be one violation, with a fine of Dh600 and six points. (Patrick Castillo)

The Federal Traffic Council discussed traffic laws and completed preparations of the proposals of a number of its articles in addition to the value of traffic fines, reported 'Al Khaleej'.

Major-General Mohamed Saif Al Zafeen, Assistant Chief of Dubai Police for Operations Affairs, said the following sessions will discuss the regulation of the law and its articles and add modifications based on suggestions from directors of traffic departments.

One of the most important suggestions put forth during the discussion on Thursday is a new law on violations of U-turns or making them from unauthorised areas; this will be merged as one violation and titled 'wrongful U-turning'.

The fine will range between Dh200 and Dh300 with four black points, Maj-Gen Zafeen said.

Other violations that have been merged include using vehicles for illegal purposes and calling commuters and transporting them without permits, will be merged as one violation, under the title ‘vehicle for illegal purposes’ incurring a fine of Dh1,000 with six black points and impoundment of vehicle for a month.

Also making changes in colour, chassis and engine are merged into one, under the title ‘making changes without permit’ incurring a fine of Dh500. Driving without licence or expired licence will incur a fine of Dh500 with four points.

Dangerous overtaking and overtaking from the right side will be one violation, with a fine of Dh600 and six points.

Vehicles without number plates, and obliterating numbers or placing it in areas not designated for it, will be one violation, title ‘misuse of number plate’, with a fine Dh500 and four points.

‘Distracted driving violation’ will include talking on phone, putting makeup, or smoking shisha while driving. This will incur a fine of Dh1,000.

The violation of failing to drive within lanes, hindering traffic, vehicle’s rear red light not working or problems in the vehicle’s light will all be will be combined as one offence with a fine of Dh400 and four points.

Some fines have been increased, such as giving priority for those who come from behind will be increased from Dh200 to Dh400, while sudden swerving will incur Dh500 and seven days impoundment.

Dangerous reversing of cars will get a fine of Dh400 and four points; Not using helmets will call for a fine of Dh400 instead of Dh200.

Similarly, fine for exceeding number of passengers will be increased from Dh200 to Dh500. So also, expired tyres will incur a fine  of Dh500 and one-week impoundment from the earlier Dh200.

Driving without lights at nights or on foggy days will see a Dh500 fine instead of Dh200. Driving at speed lower than the minimum limit and using horn prohibited areas will incur Dh400 fine.

Maj-Gen Zafeen said 147 violations in the current law will be reduced to between 100 and 110 violations after mergers and cancellations.


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