New Year's ease for Dubai traffic: All Al Khail Road intersections to open on January 4

The Al Khail road after the widening project. (Supplied)

Dubai’s Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) announced that all intersections of Al Khail Road will be opened on 4th January 2013; which marks the 7th anniversary of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, taking office as Ruler of Dubai.

By opening this massive project, which has a cost tag of Dh1.9 billion, the RTA will be completing the construction of one of the biggest and vital projects ever undertaken in the roads sector.

Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA, is delighted with the accomplishment of this crucial project; which acts as expansion of the Business Bay Crossing.

Through constructing this Project, the RTA is seeking to establish an auxiliary traffic corridor supporting both the Sheikh Zayed and Emirates Roads; which account for high traffic volumes.

“On January 4, all intersections of Al Khail Road Widening Project will be opened,” confirmed Al Tayer.
Elaborating, Al Tayer said: “RTA will open Phase I of the project, which costs about Dh575 million and aims aimed at easing the traffic flow from and to Al Khail Road and Emirates Road; and accordingly ensures a smooth traffic flow to serve the property development projects in the area.

“This phase includes the construction of a new bridge to replace the circular surface intersection on the Emirates Road to allow a free traffic movement in all directions.

“It also comprises the construction of two flyovers; the first to link the Emirates Road in the direction to Al Khail Road, and the other to link Al Khail Road in the direction of Emirates Road.”

In a detailed statement, Al Tayer explained that it also encompasses increasing the number of lanes from four to six in each direction of the Emirates Road as well as Al Khail Road, besides the provision of traffic and directional signage and other utility works at site.

By the end of September 2011, the RTA opened the widening of the Emirates Road, and last April it opened the slip roads of bridges serving the traffic movement from Al Khail Road to Dubai, and from Abu Dhabi to Al Khail Road.

“By the end of August next year, the RTA will open slip roads of bridges serving the traffic movement from Dubai to the extension of Al Khail Road, and from Al Khail said. Road to Abu Dhabi on the Emirates Road," Al Tayer.

Last November, the RTA has fully opened Phase II of the Project, constructed at a cost of Dh762 million by MAPA-GÜNAL Construction Co. Ltd, which includes the construction of two new flyovers on Al Khail Road ensuring smooth traffic flow in all directions, to replace the existing two roundabouts at the intersection of Al Khail Road with Street 319 and Street 323 at Al Qouz Residential and Industrial Areas, in addition to widening of Al Khail Road from four to six lanes in each direction.

It also includes the construction of an elevated road inbound from Al Quoz heading towards Al Khail Road, which is currently being constructed, in addition to various road works such as pavement, lighting, light signals and traffic signage among others.

Works also included setting up traffic diversions, removing utility lines intercepting the project works and providing new services necessary for the project completion.

The opening of Phase II contributed to easing the traffic flow on Al Khail Road, and eliminating tailbacks witnessed by the sector from Al Qouz to Al Khail Road through constructing an overhead traffic link in bound from Al Qouz and heading towards Dubai.

It also assisted the traffic flow at the intersections with Al Khail Road on the one hand, and Street 323 and Street 319 on the other, besides easing the movement of trucks and heavy machinery at the Interchange No. 19.

On the January 4, the RTA will also open all components of Phase III of Al Khail Road Widening Project, as ASCON Contracting Co. has completed all works in this project phase, which costs about Dh282 million.

Works included widening of Al Khail Road from four to six lanes in each direction from the intersection of Umm Suqeim Road to the intersection of Emirates Road, and modifying curves at Interchange 13.

Key components of Phase IV of Al Khail Road Widening Project, which is constructed by Wade Adams at a cost of Dh307 million, will also be opened.

Works included replacing the existing roundabout at the intersection of Al Khail Road with Umm Suqeim Road by a free multi-level interchange providing a smooth vehicular traffic movement in all directions.

It also encompasses the widening of Al Khail Road from four to six lanes, and shifting & protecting the public facilities and utilities impacted by the free interchange.

Al Tayer added that the main bridges on Umm Suqeim Road will be opened on January 4 as well, and all works in subsidiary bridges will be completed next March.

RTA Chairman of the Board and Executive Director hailed the efforts of work teams and engineers of the Traffic and Roads Agency, and all staff and workers of contractors undertaking the construction of Al Khail Road Widening and Improvement Project who worked tirelessly to complete the Project on time as per the plan mapped out by the RTA.