No free weekend parking at Lulu Al Barsha

The first three hours, however, continue to remain free. (Supplied)

There is no free parking anymore at Lulu Hypermarket - Al Barsha - on weekends.

A notice board has been placed at the two entry and exit points of the hypermarket, which states: “No free parking on weekends.”

“There have been several cases of people misusing our parking lot. Therefore, our genuine customers don’t have space to park. We have received complaints and so we have introduced this policy,” V. Nandakumar, Chief Communications Officer, Lulu Group International, told Emirates 24|7.

 The first three hours, however, continue to remain free.

 “On average, we have noticed that customers take two hours to finish their grocery shopping, but still we have given them an extra hour. Even though, if any customer does exceed the three-hour time, and there is a genuine reason, we do waive off the charges,” he states.

 Radha S, a frequent visitor to the Al Barsha hypermarket, says it is a good move to restrict parking time as it becomes difficult to get parking on weekends.

“We have been coming to this hypermarket for years now and generally we have seen that it is packed on weekends, particularly during the evening hours,” she says. “I feel it is good that they have introduced the parking limitation so customers get parking.”

Kavita Jain, a resident in a neighbouring building in Al Barsha, thinks otherwise. “There is traffic jam as one lane is totally blocked by cars entering the hypermarket. You do occasionally see the second lane blocked on weekends and a bit of honking as cars have to wait for the barriers to open up to enter the hypermarket,” she claims.