No report of ransomware virus attack on public institutions: ADSIC

The Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre, ADSIC, the government authority that oversees the ICT agenda in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, announced on Thursday that there were no reports on the existence of the 'ransomware virus' in public institutions of the Abu Dhabi Government.

The ADSIC confirmed that the Abu Dhabi Government's network is safe. This came after hundreds of countries were exposed to 'WannaCry,’ the ransomware virus that has affected the work of many institutions.

In a statement, the centre called on all government agencies to continue taking the necessary precautionary measures, increase readiness and continuous monitoring of their systems, and prepare a backup copy of their electronic data to avoid any loss in the event of an attack.

It cautioned that the procedures taken to protect electronic programmes and storage capacities "do not mean that we are far from the virus. Therefore, we call on all users of the network including government agencies and their employees to investigate sources of e-mails received to avoid exposure of the network's services and contents to the malicious virus."

The centre thanked the government authorities for their continuous efforts in securing the government network in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, and for performing their roles efficiently.

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