No worries over Maggi noodles in UAE: Dubai Municipality

Nestle India said it had strict safety and quality controls in place for all raw materials used to make Maggi noodles. (Ahmad Ardity)

The UAE has not conducted any tests on instant-noodle-brand Maggi following allegations in India about excess lead in its products. Nestle’s Maggi, which is available in the UAE, is packaged and shipped from Malaysia - not India.

“There is no clear information from the Indian authorities about how much lead was found,” Khalid Mohammed Sharif, director of Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality told Emirates24|7.

“We have not identified this as a problem and there is nothing to worry about,” he assured.

Khalid added that no tests have been conducted on Maggi noodles in the UAE. “Not specifically for this issue as the Maggi in Dubai does not come from India.

“Moreover, routine checks are always carried out both by the government and the industry.”

When asked if tests will be conducted once the food control board in India releases its detailed report on the contamination, if any, Khalid reiterated that since the product does not come from India, it would not be necessary.

Nestle’s Maggi is imported from Malaysia.

When asked if any tests were conducted on Maggi before, Khalid said, “All food samples are tested on a risk based plan. The riskier products are tested more.

“If the food is produced here, we check it. If it's imported, both the country where it is produced and Dubai Municipality check it. However, we use a risk-based methodology.”

He added “all food products have to be produced safely and production facilities should be inspected by the respective food safety agencies (in this case, Malaysia).”

India has been stepping up checks on the safety standards of instant noodle brand Maggi, over allegations over the amount of lead in its ingredients.

According to the latest reports in The Times of India, “The probe into alleged lapses of food safety standards has already been expanded to test Maggi noodle samples from across the country following detection of mono-sodium glutamate and lead in excess of the prescribed limit in the noodles.”

Indian television channel NDTV on Thursday reported that the Delhi government has banned the product for 15 days. It reported, “Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain has announced an immediate "15-day ban" on sale of Maggi noodles and has asked Nestle, which manufactures the snack, to recall current stocks from the capital in that time and make available new stock, which will be allowed on shelves only after proper checks. The Indian Army, too, has issued an advisory asking soldiers to avoid Maggi.”

Nestle reassured Middle East consumers

Nestlé has reassured consumers in the Middle East that all Maggi products sold are safe and compliant with the highest quality standards.

“We are continuously engaging with authorities in our region. Quality and food safety are our top priority and we perform regular tests on our raw material and finished products to ensure food safety and full compliance,” a press release from the company said.


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