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Nol card is ‘Best Smart Card in Middle East’

Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) Nol card has won an award as the Best Prepaid Card in the Middle East in the Smart Card Awards Middle East 2013.

It is considered the sole specialised programme in the Middle East for banks, e-payment systems and smart cards that is implemented and supervised by the international company Terrapinn.

Nol card facilitates transport of passengers using public means of transportation in Dubai. It is also used to pay parking fees and used as a "combi-card" — a co-branded credit/debit card issued by the Authority and the Emirates National Bank of Dubai (Emirates NBD).

“Nol card is characterised for its high technology and various features, and by winning this award it has topped other cards as banks and financial institutions in the region competed to get it by submitting to participate in the awards’ different categories including the Best Credit Card, Best National ID Program, Best Debit Card, and Best Prepaid Card,” said Abdullah Al Madani, CEO of Corporate Technical Support Services Sector at the authority

“Nol card, with its different categories, is considered the best and easiest method to pay tariffs of public means of transportation that include Dubai Metro, Public Buses, in addition to the Water Bus and Taxi,” he added.

Al Madani pointed out that the total number of cards produced since the operation of the Metro in September 2009 reached around five million. Such cards are sold and recharged through more than 1000 outlets. In addition, the daily different operations of Nol card are estimated at around one million and 500,000 that include the entry and exit of passengers from the Metro and bus stations, paying parking fees and recharging the card. He noted that this figure is an indicator of the growing number of passengers of public transportation, particularly the “Dubai Metro” and the public buses.

Al Madani said that the unified card is secure and hard to be forged and is subject to the internationally accredited standards and specifications and is being manufactured by more than one supplier. In addition, the card is designed, according to Al Madani, to fulfill the future requirements of e-payment systems from one hand and to add various uses that go beyond the use of the public means of transportation. He noted that the authority has issued the special tariff for students, the elderly and people with special needs, the monthly subscription service in addition to the promotional offers throughout the year.

The CEO of Corporate Technical Support Services Sector at the authority mentioned that Nol card is divided into three categories: Gold, Silver and Blue. The card is easy to use and responsive when used by passengers at the entry and exit gates in the Metro stations, and when used in public buses in addition to the Water Bus and Taxi. The card is also used to pay for public parking in the Emirate of Dubai as it replaces coins, making it easier and faster for users to pay parking fees.

Other feature of this card is the possibility of buying and recharging it through the card’s website: www.nol.aeand from other selling points throughout the Emirate. The card also enables users to stick the photos they like on it which can be purchased from the website.