Obaida murder: Accused admits killing

Defendant claims child decided to accompany him on his own

Dubai Criminal Court on Monday heard the suspect NA, who is accused of kidnapping, abusing and killing Obaida, reported Al Bayan.

NA confessed killing the child but denied kidnapping him. He told the court that the child had accompanied him of his own free will. The accused also admitted consuming alcohol and sexually assaulting the boy.

Public Prosecution has requested the court to award him the death penalty.

Meanwhile, the court, headed by judge Irfan Omar, charged NA of premeditated murder, kidnapping, child abuse and driving under the influence of alcohol.

NA remained calm during the proceedings in the court.

The defendant said that he took Obaida from his father's garage in Sharjah industrial zone, convincing the boy that he would buy him a hoverboard.

He added that he had consumed five bottles of alcohol and he had no control over his actions. He admitted abusing the child in the back seat of the car.

NA explained that he took a piece of cloth used for cleaning his vehicle, and wrapped it around the boy’s neck and held it there for five minutes until he died. He then dumped the body in Al Warqa’a area.

The court adjourned the case to June 27.

The court will assign a lawyer for the accused.

Meanwhile, Obaida’s father was surprised that the accused denied charges of kidnapping.

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