Oil-leak scam: Four held for stealing Dh720,000 in Dubai

An Asian man withdrew Dh720,000 from his bank in Dubai, put it in a bag and headed for his car outside. As he was about to drive away, four men in a nearby car told him his car had an oil leak.
He stepped out and bent down to check the leak but found that the oil sprayed on the ground was not coming from his car.
So he jumped back into the car and was about to start it before he froze - the money bag has gone…and the four men as well. He then phoned the police.
Police investigating people in Muraqabat, where the incident took place, got a clue about the car and the four Afghan men.
After a few hours, the car was spotted and stopped. It was registered in another emirate and police found all the stolen money.
The four confessed they had robbed the man and said they planned to carry out more operations before they were arrested.
“The man could hardly believe his eyes when his money was handed back to him,” the Arabic language daily Emirat Alyoum said.


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