Old man killed by mad camel

A desert camel went berserk and killed its ageing owner who was feeding it and other camels at his farm in the Gulf Kingdom.

The farmer, in his 70s, has just brought back his camel herd from a desert safari to his farm in the southern town of Bisha and began feeding them when the mad camel attacked him, Sabq newspaper said.

The man tried to calm down his camel but the animal bit him in the face and kicked him, causing him to fall down on the ground.

“The camel then began kicking his owner while he was lying on the floor inside the far…the farmer died of his injuries while the camel fled.”

Cats vanishing in British village

An animal welfare group in a British village has gone on alert following the disappearance of several pet cats in separate incidents in less than two weeks, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

Owners said the cats just went missing as they were outside their houses and animals groups said they had no clue where the pets had gone.

“At least half a dozen cats have gone missing in the Rhuddlan area over the past two weeks,” the Rhyl journal said in a report from the north Welsh town of Rhuddlan, citing the Pet Rescue Welfare Association in the area.

“The Association is warning pet owners to keep an eye on their cats after this rash of sudden disappearances.” the paper added.

It quoted the Association’s manager Marjorie Summerfield as saying they had been contacted by several cat owners and that there may be even more.

“It seems like a lot have gone missing…it’s too much of a coincidence…..I don’t know what to think. It started on Gronant with cats going missing, then nearby Meliden and now Rhuddlan. It’s very peculiar..the mind boggles.”

She said the central concern was that the cats were being taken out of the area and there were fears they could be sold or worse-- used for baiting.

“We are asking people to contact the Cats Protection office as they regular patrols for strays…we would also encourage people to get their cats micro chipped as if they haven’t…it’s very difficult to find the owner if a cat is discovered…and keep on ringing round animal rescue centres to ask if your cat has been found,” she said.

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