Online vehicle registration next month

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is set to divert renewal of vehicles registration service for companies at customer service center to smart and electronic channels starting November. The step is a prelude for applying the same service to individuals in 2016.

“The RTA is committed to implement and improve means of delivering services to corporate and individual customers at world-class standards. This has prompted us to divert the services offered via affiliated customer service centers to alternative electronic and smart channels, such as RTA website (, and smartphone app (Drivers & Vehicles) from November 1,” said Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO, RTA Licensing Agency.

“We are making persistent efforts to make the RTA act as a team in realising the vision of the Dubai Government, which calls for reducing the number of visitors to customer service centers, and enabling them to process their transactions at the time and place of their choice. Electronic and smart channels have a significant role in encouraging companies and individuals to use them since they save the hassles of waiting, and enable them process their transactions and services in an express manner, without obliging them to visit the service points,” said Bahrozyan.

“Meetings were held with representatives of the concerned companies. A meeting was also held with customer service centers to educate them about how to deal and communicate with owners and representatives of companies, and show them how to shift to alternative channels. Staff of  the RTA Call Center were also briefed and trained on how to respond to various inquiries relating to the renewal of vehicles registration through the new electronic and smart channels,” he added.