Only HIV test needed for expats' visa renewal

The Ministry of Health has amended rules on medical check-up procedures. (FILE)

Resident expatriates are exempted from undergoing tests for communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C before renewing their residency visas, according to amendments announced by the Ministry of Health.

“For cases of hepatitis B, tuberculosis and leprosy, the new comers only will undergo medical check-ups. But in case of AIDS, new incomers and residents who seek renewal of residency will be all subjected to AIDS test when applying or renewing residence visa,” Minister of Health Dr Hanif Hassan said at a press conference in Abu Dhabi.

Only six categories of workers will be tested for Hepatitis B and if confirmed positive will not be deported but will have to undergo treatment.

The six categories of workers are nannies, housemaids, nursery and kindergarten supervisors, beauticians and barbers, health club workers, and food handlers.

The ministry also amended the rules on the medical check-up fee structure.

Medical check-up fees remain at DhD250 against the fitness certificate which shows applicant is free from communicable diseases that pose danger on public health such as Aids, Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, Leprosy and Syphilis.

For housemaids Dh50 will be charged for the first dose of Hepatitis B immunisation, while the second and third doses will be free.

The endorsement of health insurance will be Dh200 for housemaids.

The minister said that some provisions of Cabinet resolution No 7 of 2008, on the medical check-up of expatriates, have been amended following the endorsement by the Cabinet as per the resolution number 28 of 2010.

The minister called for enhancing services at the labour clinics through introduction of the latest devices.

“The ministry is keen to set up systems that ensure the highest degrees of accuracy,” he said.

As per the Article 2, all expatriates who enter the UAE for work purpose or study or residency will be subjected to the medical

check-up as stated in the resolution, which specifies conditions for issuing residence visa or renewing it.

The new rules will be effective after they are notified in the official gazzette, a date for which was not disclosed.

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