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Opera Gallery Dubai to hold graffiti exhibition


From mere paintings with an array of colour painted spread across the walls on the street, graffiti now makes it entry into Dubai gallery for an exhibition.

The exhibition opens on 19th September at the Opera Gallery Dubai and will showcase the works of some renowned street artists from across the globe.

Six artists will display their paintings which mainly highlights the pop culture. Although belonging to the same genre, each painting depicts the culture in numerous styles.

Seen who hails from Bronx along with Mr Bronx aka “Thiery Guetta from Los Angeles will depict the culture though the paintings of cartoons, while French artist Paul Alex will paint common figures. Iran’s Mohammad Khodashenas, a graphic designer  makes political statements through his works of art, Blek Le Rat from Paris brings past to present.

Invoking personal reflections of an artist’s mind, Charles Munka also known as Ques will exhibit his painting.