Otrivin nasal spray withdrawn in UAE

The product has been withdrawn across the UAE by MoH (Shutterstock)

The UAE Ministry of Health (MOH) has immediately recalled all batches of: Otrivin Nasal Spray 0.05%. 10mll 5ml as of June 28. The product is manufactured by Novartis Consumer Health SA - a GSK Consumer Healthcare company.

This decision is based on the voluntary recall by the manufacturer due to a printing error on the outer pack.

The dosage instructions in Arabic language should be one spray in each nostril up to 3 times a day. while incorrectly written (1 - 2 drops in each nostril 1 - 2 times a day). This can result in a dose exceeding the maximum dose per day.

It is worth mentioning that the dosage instructions in the patient information leaflet both in Arabic and English are correct. and the drug is safe in terms of ingredients and components.

The product is registered with the UAE Ministry of Health and available in the market. The Ministry has asked Pharmacy managers to recall all available batches of the mentioned product and return them to the authorized agent. It has also asked healthcare professionals to report any adverse reactions associated with the use of the mentioned product.






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