Pakistani uses 5 credit cards to lend childhood friend Dh128k...

After partying people forgot their credit cards. (File)

A friend in need is a friend indeed? Hafeez Mubeen Ashraf doesn’t think so.

Ashraf used his credit card to avail Dh128,000 to help his childhood friend, SARG, who he alleges has disappeared with the cash.

The young chartered accountant from Pakistan, Ashraf, says: "My friend was jobless and was looking for openings when he came across an advertisement for a finance and administration manager.

"A woman from the advertised company interviewed him and offered him the job for a monthly salary of Dh15,000."

However, after giving him the offer letter, Ashraf claims that the woman allegedly told his friend that he had to wait until a project took off as she was expecting Dh5 million from investors for her new company. "Alternatively,  she suggested that he could arrange the money temporarily for her," Ashraf claims.

Meanwhile, the woman says she "does not owe him anything".

When 'Emirates24|7' contacted the lady in question, she said: “Is there any proof that I took some money from him for offering a job? He has gone to the court already and it is going on for some time. I don’t owe him anything.”

Ashraf claims to have cheques in his name from the lady.

Ashraf says that in order to help his friend not lose his new job, he swiped his five credit cards and lent him Dh128,000 in October 2014.

"I was working and getting a salary of Dh20,000 per month. I did not have Dh128,000 to lend him, but I agreed to help him by using five credit cards that I had from different banks," he says.

Once he handed over the money he was advised to return to Pakistan and wait for the new visa, alleges Ashraf and added that as his friend did not receive a visa from his new employer for two months, he returned to Dubai on visit visa.

Meanwhile, Ashraf lost his job and now is stuck with repaying the amount to the banks. His friend, who hails from his same village in Pakistan and who was his school and college mate, is unreachable, claims Ashraf.

Ashraf alleges that he has learnt that his friend paid only Dh10,000 to his new employer.

"We studied in the same school and college and in fact even worked together for three years in Pakistan before moving to the UAE.
"I helped him get a passport and travel to Dubai after his parents died. He came here in September 2007 and I came in April 2008," says Ashraf.

“My family is in talks with his family, but they cannot help much because he is not reachable. His family says he is in Dubai,” claims Ashraf.

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