'Parking fine waiver for first-time, human error'

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) will make an exception for human error when using Mpayment to pay for a parking space for the first time only.

"When somebody sens an SMS and enters incorrect personal details or those of the parking spot and gets fined because of that, we can waive this fine if it is the first time this happens," Adel Al Marzooqi, Director of Parking, Traffic and Road Agency of RTA, told Emirates 24|7.

According to Adel, the system can track every action of the motorist regarding the Mpayment, so when an incorrect SMS is sent, this can be verified.

However, the error will only be accepted once and when a similar mistake is made again, any fine issued will have to be paid.

Mparking payment requires an SMS to be sent to 7275, mentioning your vehicle details and the parking zone details your car is parked in.

However, some residents have claimed that the SMS does not guarantee successful payment, as they have experienced glitches when the payment has not gone through.

It is possible that the system temporarily goes down, says Adel al Marzouqi, Director of RTA's Traffic and Roads Agency, Dubai.

This is why a motorist should wait for confirmation.

"A confirmation SMS should be received within a maximum 20 seconds, and often it will be received within a couple of seconds.

“The motorist should not leave his car without receiving this SMS.

"When the confirmation SMS does not come within that time, it means something is wrong. Another payment option should be used, or the motorist can call the toll free number 8009090 for assistance," he explains.

“I don't trust the sms system! Know too many people who've had fines whilst waiting for confirmation," argues a person with the Twitter handle @EmmaPinkyB in a conversation on the topic taking place on the Twitter page of the Roads and Transport Authority. 

It really hurts when you pay thru sms n yet u get fined for it!" she adds.

Two weeks ago, the system was indeed temporarily shut down due to technical issues. But, this was the first time it happened this year, Adel explains.

"It does not happen very often. In 2012 the error rate over the total number of transactions was 0,5 per cent.

“When people receive a fine because they did not receive a confirmation, the fine needs to be paid, he clarifies.


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