Passenger restrained on Emirates flight

A passenger was restrained aboard a Melbourne-bound Emirates flight from Dubai on August 20 over aggressive behaviour towards flight attendants on board.

The Dubai-based carrier confirmed an incident had occurred, stating the authorities in Australia met the plane upon landing; however, the passenger was later allowed to catch the connecting flight to Auckland.

In a statement to Emirates 24|7, a spokesperson with the carrier said: “On Emirates flight EK406 arriving from Dubai into Melbourne on August 20, there was an incident with a passenger that resulted in the passenger being restrained.

“The Federal Police were called and met the plane on arrival to assess the situation.

“After this assessment, it was agreed that the passenger would meet their connecting flight onto Auckland and did so with no issues.”

Emirates further said the health and safety of its crew and passengers was of paramount importance.

According to an eyewitness quoted by Australian media, the passenger was restrained when he attempted to assault a flight attendant.

Melbourne-based radio station 3AW spoke with an eyewitness, who said the male passenger was travelling with a young boy and wanted more space to lie down.

When the passenger’s request was denied, he allegedly became agitated.

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