Patient frees Emirati trapped in hospital lift

A patient was able to rescue an Emirati woman who was trapped in an hospital elevator, according to an official.

Speaking to Emirates 24|7, the official said that the woman was visiting her husband, hospitalised in one of the government hospitals in Dubai.

"She got trapped in the hospital lift and called her husband from her mobile phone for help.

"The husband, other patients and hospital staff gathered outside the left and were trying to help the woman."

He said that the patient was in his room when he heard the noise and came out to check.

"This patient had undergone a back surgery and he was unable to walk properly.

"Despite that, he went out to help the woman. This brave patient took the necessary tools from the staff and started opening the door.

He was able to do so as he is one of the Dubai Civil Defence experts in releasing people who are trapped in lifts."

The woman was freed after 40 minutes and she was grateful to the patient who helped rescue her.

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