Physically challenged kid shunned by school

Father of an Emirati boy has complained that his son was denied admission in Dubai schools because of his disability.

Ali, who was suffering a congenital malformation of the face and cerebral palsy, spent two years in Thailand for treatment. Upon his return, the school where he studied refused to let him continue, according to a report in 'Emarat Al Youm'.

After 14 surgeries Ali recovered from cerebral palsy and regained natural shape of the face, too. At present he only has a slight disability in his right hand and right leg, claimed Rashid Saif Albidwaoi - the father.

This is against the decision of Ali Maihad Al Suwaidi, Director-General of Ministry of Education who recommended integration of such children into normal schools, he said and added that the school ignored the letter of the Ministry of Education.

Meanwhile, Noura Al Marri, Director, Department of Special Education,  Ministry of Education, said: "The MoE is very keen on helping integrate students with special needs in normal schools. This is also in accordance with the ministerial decreee."

The father said the decision is based on the  Ministerial Decree 211 of 2010, which recommends taking necessary measures to provide appropriate services for handicapped children.  


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