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Professional drivers permits online now

RTA’s Public Transport Agency has launched the online self-service for issuance of professional driver permits for cab drivers of franchise companies, limousine chauffeurs as well as school bus drivers and female attendants in Dubai.

Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, CEO of RTA Public Transport Agency, explained that the service had been made available online at the RTA’s portal ( by registering as a company, opting for the service and following several steps to obtain the permit required. This initiative is to deliver a quick and hassle-free service that saves much of the time and effort.

“This system assists the RTA, franchise companies, limo companies and school transport companies to accomplish the automation of the issuance of permits right from the date of driver’s appointment. It also sets the base for unified data across the Emirate, supports decision makers, and enhances the performance of these companies,” added Al Ali.

“In 2015, the Public Transport Agency automated the permits system by reducing the needed documentary evidences for renewing or issuing new permits or in replacement of lost ones by establishing a link with a variety of entities in the Emirate. The system allows the issuance and printing of permits after verifying the validity of the driver’s licence, identity card that no offences reported in the traffic file of the driver and no circular is issued with respect to the driver from the competent parties in the UAE. Renewing the permit warrants verifying the medical condition of the driver through carrying out an annual medical fitness test at RTA-approved hospitals and centres,” explained Al Ali.

“The new system effectively contributes to slashing the timeline needed for the issuance of permits from 15 to 5 minutes, cutting the number of documents required from 12 to 2 only (criminal clearance certificate, driver’s ID), in addition to minimising the involvement of humans in the renewal process as the system itself carries out the required scrutiny and verification.

“To keep pace with the Dubai Government drive, the Public Transport Agency has launched at the start of 2016 this online self-operated service. The agency had communicated to all franchise companies, limo companies and school transport companies operating in the Emirate of Dubai the launch of the self-service for issuing and renewing professional permits. The process would enable firms to issue and keep track of driver permits, besides displaying offences and training lessons assigned to them. It will also enable them update drivers’ personal details, contact numbers and other information without referring to the Drivers Affairs, Public Transport Agency,” added the CEO of RTA Public Transport Agency.

RTA Public Transport Agency issued 26752 permits in 2015, comprising 8304 new permits, 18128 renewed permits, and 323 permits in replacement of lost ones.