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Ramadan safety campaign for drivers

Emirates Transport (ET) launched a Ramadan safety campaign targeting its drivers in school transport, as well as drivers working for government and private sector entities.

Awareness leaflets and booklets in Arabic, English and Urdu will be distributed to thousands of drivers across the country who will also receive safety advice through SMS messages in the days leading up to the Ramadan month.

The federal transport corporation employees nearly 12,000 drivers and has a fleet of more than 20,000 vehicles.

The campaign will remind drivers of the importance of taking necessary steps during Ramadan to avoid issues such as fatigue and lack of concentration when operating their vehicles during fasting hours.

Some of the preventative measures include getting enough sleep before working hours, or a short nap between jobs, eating suhour (meal before sunrise) to boost energy levels during the day, and making sure air conditioning units in their vehicles are fully operational.

The campaign also urges drivers to avoid driving aggressively, or drive during the period just before iftar when road users tend to be at their most reckless, or the period just after having the iftar meal, when one might feel a little drowsy.

Feryal Tawakul, executive director of Corporate Services at Emirates Transport, said the campaign serves as a timely and essential reminder to drivers, and forms part of the corporation’s commitment towards providing safe transport.