Registration for ID card only through e-form

Applicants can get the process done at an authorised typing centre near their area of residence

The Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) has stopped accepting physical registration forms distributed earlier through typing centres and is now accepting only online registration through authorised typing centres.

Eida has warned typing centres that allegedly overcharge customers and said it will take stern action against those charging more than the authorised rate for processing applications.

Eida inspectors visited various typing centres that applied for the assignment and gave special training to the selected staff to give better service to applicants.

Typing centres, which have been witnessing a sharp fall in business due to the shift to online registration for emigration and other licensing requirements, are jubilant about the new assignment. Each typing centre has an identity to complete online registration for customers.

Only the typing centres authorised by Eida can process online registration for customers. Now customers can fill the electronic registration form at any of the authorised typing centres, receive an SMS to determine the place and date of registration, and visit an Emirates ID Service Point for photographing and fingerprinting.

In Abu Dhabi alone there are more than 80 authorised typing centres, while Dubai has more than 30 such centres. The authorised typing centres are normally busy as customers come from various places to complete the registration process.

In a statement, Eida said it is cancelling the old registration form and will use only the e-registration form filled in at the authorised typing centres. The authority has released a list of authorised centres in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi.

Muna, Manager of Management Outsource that handles Eida typing centres in various locations, said: “We have stopped giving physical forms and now customers can complete their online registration process within 15 to 20 minutes. We have a queue numbering system and customers keep coming throughout the day. There are six typists who work from 7am to 8pm and the rush is more during weekends.”

She said the fees vary depending on the validity of a customer’s residency visa.

“If the visa is valid for one year, the registration fee is Dh170 inclusive of Dh30 typing fee. We have branches in Al Barsha, Rashidiya and other locations, but customers come from all over the city. It is not necessarily the residents of a particular area where the typing centre is located,” Muna added.

If the visa is valid for two years, the registration fee is Dh270 and for visas valid for three years the fee is Dh370.

A resident of Sharjah can get the typing work done near his or her residence and then go to the Eida office in Al Taawun Mall. Typing centres in Dubai are more crowded.

For UAE nationals, the registration fee is Dh100 with a service fee of Dh70. The documents required are original valid passport, original family book and coloured passport-size photo with light blue background for children below 15 years.

For residents and GCC nationals similar documentation is required.

With the selection of authorised typing centres, a customer need not physically go for the typing work, but his/her presence is needed during the registration process at the service centres.

Sadiq, who works at an authorised typing centre in Sharjah, said: “We have been inspected by the Eida and they gave us special training to complete the online registration process. Earlier, anybody could download the form and approach typing centres. We have started the new electronic registration from last month. The response has been good and other typing centres are also trying to get accreditation from Eida. It is still accepting registration for typing centres.”

He said the typing centre is open throughout the day.

The typing centres did not pay any registration fee and they are getting additional business from Eida.

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