Reports of car on fire on Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd

Pic credit: Farhaan Hussain (Twitter)

A car reportedly caught fire on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road this morning.

Although not confirmed by Dubai Police, several motorists reportedly saw the burning car on the side of the road at the top of the Maiha Exit.

“Dubai taxi in flames!”, tweeted a person with the handle @farhaan7hussain at 8.45am, with this picture of the fire.

A little before 8am that morning another accident was reported on the same road.

More than one reader disputed the location of the fire, claiming it was in Sharjah.

Zizo Adel tweeted: "It was in Sharjah not Dubai!"

"Hi Guys, This accident was in Sharjah at 7:15 am, over bridge between Sh Khalifa road and Mowaileh area crossing Mohamed Bin Zayed road," wrote another.

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