Revealed: Deadliest days on Dubai’s beaches

17 drown in 17 months; All who drowned 2012 belonged to the 51-60 age group

Thirteen people were drowned and four injured while swimming off the beaches of Dubai in 2011.

Four people drowned and four were injured in the first five months of this year, according to a report of the Dubai Ports Police Station.

The report said Thursdays and Fridays saw more cases of drowning and injury than other days.

Of those who drowned in 2011, six people belonged to the 41-50 age group. All those who drowned or were injured in 2012 belonged to the 51-60 age group.

Two of those who drowned in 2011 died off Jumeirah Beach. In the cases of those who drowned or were injured this year, the accidents happened in the open sea.

In 2010, six of the 15 cases of drowning happened on Thursdays. All the four drowning and four cases of injuries in the first five months of this year took place on Thursdays.

Fridays claimed the lives of six people in 2010. Out of the total 17 cases of drowning and injury in 2011, 14 happened on Fridays.

The Dubai Ports Police Station is analysing the statistics by age and nationality to try to reduce casualties.

The ports police station will soon launch an awareness campaign for beach goers and distribute fliers to them.

According to Dubai Municipality statistics, the number of beach goers totalled 3.397 million so far this year.


Beachgoers urged to not to swim after sunset!/image/1124357297.jpg

How to stay safe in Dubai this summer!/image/775043071.jpg


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