Rolex sale in hotel a blackmail nightmare for Dubai Briton

The Dubai Criminal Court has heard the case involving a British visitor, DB, 29-years-old, accused of theft and trying to blackmail a man out of Dh300,000.

The victim, T M, 45, also British, said in the investigation that he wanted to sell his Rolex watch, worth Dh36,000, and told his friends.

He then received a call from an unknown British person who wanted to buy it.

The victim met the person in the lounge of a hotel in Dubai and was asked to go to a room in the same hotel.

In the room, two men threatened the victim, took his Rolex and his passport.

They let him go and then, he received a message on his phone asking for Dh300,000 if he wanted his passport back.

The victim informed the police

Ahmed Mohsen, the policeman who investigated the incident, confirmed that the hotel camera filmed the whole incident, but said victim was using alcohol, which was apparent in the way he talked and his personal behaviour.

Dubai Criminal Court postponed the case to October 25.

[Homepage image via Shutterstock]

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